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US H4 Visa (Dependent of H visas)

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The H4 visa is a dependent visa for family members of H visa holders.

The visa is available to dependents of the following H visa holders:

*H1B Specialty Occupation Visa

*H1B1 Visa

*H2A Visa

*H2B Temporary Workers Visa

*H3 Trainee Visa

Dependents eligible for the H4 visa are spouses and unmarried children under 21. Though parents of H visa holders can’t apply for H4, they can travel to the US with other visa types.

With an H4 visa, you can travel to the US and live with the main H visa holder. This visa has many benefits, which include:

*You can live in the US

*You can attend schools

*You can open a bank account

*You can work anywhere with an EAD

*You can work full-time or part-time.

*You can get a social security number and tax ID

*You can start up your own business

*You can apply for a driver’s license

There’s no annual quota or cap on the number of people that can apply for an H4 visa. Hence, there’s no deadline, and you can apply at any time.

Required Documents

The following documents are necessary for your H4 visa application:

*Copy of your international passport

*Copy of the principal H visa (approved visa or application if applying at the same time)

*Copy of the international passport of the principal H visa holder

*Two passport size photographs

*H4 visa application confirmation

*Birth certificate for unmarried children under 21

*Marriage certificate for spouses

*A reference letter from the sponsor of the H1 visa holder

*Proof of financial stability

*Application fee receipts

You’ll upload some of these documents during the application process. You’ll also have to take them along with you to your visa interview.

The US Embassy only accepts original documents for visa applications. Other government-issued ID documents may substitute for birth and marriage certificates in some cases if the original documents are unavailable.
Furthermore, you’ll need certified English translations for non-English documents

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